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The Nationality Rooms represent and celebrate the culture of the diverse communities of Pittsburgh. The Rooms are a community space where you're invited to experience your heritage in a space that's timeless and austere, yet dynamic and alive.

The rooms are also in use as University classrooms, giving students the opportunity to learn in a unique setting that gives them a hands-on experience with these rich heritages.

Carefully crafted, the Nationality Rooms create an intriguing space for learning.

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The Nationality Rooms are both at the heart of the University and at the center of community life of the city of Pittsburgh. The story of the Rooms is the story of the communities that are the heartbeat of Pittsburgh.

The mission of the Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Programs is aided by the room committees, which have devoted decades to the creation of Nationality Rooms. 

The Rooms are made possible through the dedication of community members.

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The University of Pittsburgh and the Room Committees are happy to partner together to pay forward the entrusted legacy of the Nationality Rooms.

This is accomplished through generous scholarship opportunities provided by the University and the support of our local communities.

Each year, scholarships enable students and educators to deepen their global understanding.

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Upcoming Events

Join the African Heritage Room Committee as we celebrate Juneteenth through featuring poets, musicians, playwrights, authors actors who will share their creativity.
1:00 pm
CL 332