Four Nigerian Farming Tools

The four traditional Nigerian farming tools are: a hoe, with a large rounded steel cutting end used for tilling soil and furrowing large tracts of soil for seed, an axe, a sickle, and a pointed spade. Probably from northern Nigeria, collected from 1966-1969. Major crops of the northern region include groundnuts along the lines of what peanuts are, various beans, gums, kolanuts and maize. Foods produced in the northern area of Nigeria utilize cereal grains grown there, such as sorghum and millet from which flours are made for bread and fry bread. Ground beans and peanuts planted in this area are also a staple of meals for protein intake. Cocoa production is a big industry in Nigeria, but is not so much associated with the northern part, where different growing conditions exist. Nonetheless, cocoa production is a major economic force in Nigeria. Likely, where the donor was stationed these tools came from people of the Hausa ethnic group, an agricultural group of people.