Quo Vadis


In-person tours of the Nationality Rooms are currently planned to resume on February 1, 2022.  Additional information and a registration form can be found under the Tours menu.  As the University of Pittsburgh continues to monitor the spread of the new COVID variant and its severity, the operational stance may change as necessary for the safety and health of the campus and community.  The date for the resumption of in-person tours may change.

What is Quo Vadis?

Founded in 1944, Quo Vadis is a student club devoted to providing in-person tours of the Nationality Rooms to the wide variety of guests. Every year members of Quo Vadis interact with over 12,000 visitors who have arranged in-person, guided group tours. Guides are trained to present factual information about all thirty one Nationality Rooms and to approach their interpretations of the Rooms with their own creative inspiration. Guides, therefore, are drawn from a wide swath of academic backgrounds, with some being linguistics majors, some being engineers, chemistry students, or business students. All have a great interest in the interaction between history and cultural expression in many forms and have a devotion to sharing their excitement about the Nationality Rooms. 

Quo Vadis provides experiential professional learning in museum interpretation, educational programming, visitor services, public speaking, and intercultural learning.

The following video is Quo Vadis guides making jezyks from paper 96 pointed stars derived from Polish tradition. This ornament is strung, ready to hang. The creation of jezyks is the main club fundraiser for Quo Vadis, enabling them to hold club educational meetings and club travel to visit museums and embassies.