Scottish Room Committee / James Affleck Fund Scholarship - Graduate

This scholarship supports students for global learning experiences in Scotland in summer.

Frances E. Slater was born on October 1, 1914. He maintained a lifelong interest in all things Scottish. He served in various capacities for the clan organizations in Pittsburgh. A castle front was constructed for use at the annual Pittsburgh Folk Festival and Mr. Slater stored it in his house.

He was a member of the Tartan Educational and Cultural Society, an international organization which is the world’s authority on tartans. It is located in Scotland, but there was also an office in the U.S. known as STA USA. The group has a Guild of Scholars consisting of seven people who are the top experts on tartans. Frank Slater was one of the two scholars in the United States.

Mr. Slater died on September 27, 2002. He was preceded in death by his wife Vilma. There were no children.