Polish Room Committee Scholarship - Undergraduate

This scholarship supports undergraduate students for study abroad in Poland in summer. During the 2023 scholarship cycle, this scholarship is being given in memory of Gertrude Jakubowski Long and Irene Jakubowski.

Gertrude Jakubowski and her and her sister Irene Jakubowski grew their lives and their families on Pittsburgh's North Side and St. Cyprian Polish Roman Catholic Church. If there was something Polish happening, the Jakubowski sisters were helping. Polishfest, Polish-American Festivals, Parades, Kennywood Park Polish Day, WQED Volunteer, the Brightom Heights Citizens Federation, Central Council of Polish Organizations and The Polish Room Committee. These sisters could always be volunteering everywhere, and when their work was finished before they could sit down the first words our of their mouths were "What Can We Do Next?"  The "Polish Magic" they shared is now shared with the recipent of this undergraduate award.