George F. and Mary Ann McGunagle Award

This award supports graduate students for global learning experiences abroad.

During his junior year as a student at the University of Pittsburgh, George McGunagle won the David L. Lawrence Memorial Award, helping to fund his study abroad in Ireland.  Since 2009, he has personally sponsored this award for graduate study abroad.

Preference given to a field-oriented internship or project in an emerging country resulting in a demonstrable impact or outcome.

The George F. and Mary Ann McGunagle Memorial Award provides financial support for master’s degree students from any school or department for internships or independent study projects evidencing at least the following characteristics (in priority order):

  1. The internship/project is pragmatic, field-oriented, and has a demonstrable impact or outcome that can be achieved over the course of the internship or project; 
  2. The internship/project will enhance the student’s experience in and exposure to an emerging country; 
  3. The internship/project has, at its basic level, a humanitarian component; and
  4. The case for support, written by the applicant, clearly outlines what he/she hopes to accomplish and how he/she will measure the impact of the internship/project.