French Room Committee / Harry C. Goldby Scholarship - Undergraduate

This scholarship supports undegraduate students for study abroad in France.

A linguist and musician, Harry C. Goldby traveled extensively during his lifetime. Born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, however, he never abandoned his love and admiration for his hometown. He was mostly provided for by a great-aunt after his mother died, when he was only three. His father was an Otis elevator service man.

Following high school, he was granted a University of Pittsburgh Senatorial scholarship, enabling him to matriculate in foreign languages and music. Further language studies included summer language school at Middlebury College, Middlebury, Vermont, and two years at the University of Paris in France.

He was also an accomplished pianist, entertaining and performing with various groups. Following the war, he earned his passage on cruise ships by playing the piano on Scottish, German and English ships, crossing and re-crossing the Atlantic. Throughout his lifetime, his special interest was playing chamber music in both homes and public performances. He was also proficient on the organ, but only as a hobby.

His studies and career were interrupted by World War II. After being drafted and serving a year as private, he applied to Officer's Candidate School, graduating as second lieutenant. His military service included serving in the ground command headquarters of the 52nd paratroop carrier command in North Africa, Sicily and England, and being stationed in Paris, France.

After the war, he continued his language studies at the University of Paris. He then became an instructor, lecturer and lastly professor of languages, first at the University of Pittsburgh, then at Chatham College, St. Edmunds Academy for young boys and Winchester Thurston, a finishing institution for young ladies of affluent families.

Although physical limitations prevented him from playing the organ and piano during his older years, his alert mind and lifetime pursuits kept him entertaining for hours.