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Remember September

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Hripsime's Agony, Athena's Mourning, and Rachel's Heartbreak

“Remember September”


A Centennial Memorial of the Martyrs of the Christian Genocide in Asia Minor, the Pontus, Anatolia (1915-1922),
and the Jewish martyrs of the Holocaust

September 11 – 25, 2022

For Details:

7 PM, Sunday September 11, 2022: Genocide in Asia Minor, the Pontus, and Anatolia (1915-1923) as the "Final Solution's" Inspiration. Formal Opening of the Program and Greetings by Distinguished Guests.

7 PM, Monday September 12, 2022 : "Tetraodeon Tribute to the Neomartyrs of Asia Minor". A musical/hymnologic commemoration of the Greeks in Anatolia, The Pontus, and Asia Minor who were slaughtered in the Christian Genocide.

7 PM, Tuesday September 13, 2022: “Etty: Writing as Resistance”. Adapted from the diaries of Etty Hillesum and performed by Susan Stein. Directed by Austin Pendleton. In-Person Event. Details at:

7 PM, Wednesday September 14, 2022 : "A Prisoner of War’s Story" by Stratis Doukas. For the first time ever, the story will be presented in its English translation.

3 PM, Thursday September 15, 2022 : "The Students of Umberto Primo” - a post-film discussion with Alessandra Maioletti (director ), Diane Boulanger (Executive Producer) & Avi Ben Hur. Details at

7 PM, Friday September 16, 2022 : "Experience and Creations: Vaggelis Anetopoulos".

3 PM, Saturday September 17, 2022: Commemorating the Armenian Genocide Through Testimony: An Interactive Discussion with the University of Southern California Shoah Foundation - The Institute for Visual History and Education.

7 PM, Sunday September 18, 2022 : "HRIPSIME'S AGONY, ATHENA'S MOURNING, AND RACHEL'S HEARTBREAK". A Musical and poetic Centennial commemoration of, and tribute to the martyrs of the Christian Genocide in Anatolia, the Pontus, and Asia Minor, and the Jews in the Holocaust.

5 PM, Sunday September 25, 2022: "Mapping Migration, Learning from Oral History: Ottoman Greek Immigration to Western Pennsylvania", A Lecture-Presentation by Dr. Yiorgo Topalidis, Ph.D., Samuel Proctor Oral History Project, University of Florida.

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