Norwegian Room Committee

Committee History 

The Norwegian Nationality Room began as an idea to create a Scandinavian Room that would include design and cultural aspects of Denmark, Sweden, Finland, and Norway. In 1931, with Frederic Schaefer in charge of the project, the focus changed to just being a Norwegian Classroom. 

The room was finished and opened for use in 1945. It was not officially dedicated until 1948 following Norway’s re-establishment as an independent nation and free of wartime occupation. George Eliassen from Oslo, Norway was the architect for the project.

For more information on the history of the room and committee, please visit: Guide to the Norwegian Nationality Room Committee Collection, 1928-2009 UA.40.16 | Documenting Pitt

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities 

The Committee is interested in providing understanding and knowledge about Norwegian culture among students and visitors to the university, and to the community.

Key Annual Events 
The committee members meet and decorate the Norwegian Room for Christmas in traditional Norwegian style. Together with the Scandinavian Society of Western Pa, the Norwegian Room Committee annually participates in several cultural events, among others; 17th of May Celebration (Norwegian Constitution Day, and Scandinavian Christmas Party