Japanese Room Committee

Committee History 

Dedicated in 1999, the Japanese Nationality Room celebrates traditional Japanese carpentry and woodcraft, evoking the mid-18th century minka, houses of the non-ruling classes of Japan.

For more information on the history of the room and committee, please visit Pitt Nationality Rooms | Documenting Pitt and search Japanese Room Committee.

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities 

Promote, sustain, and maintain the Japanese Nationality Room under
the umbrella of the Nationality Rooms and Intercultural Exchange Program (NRIEP),
through cultural events that enhance Japan-Pittsburgh friendship, sponsorship of a
Summer Study Abroad Scholarship which increases understanding and appreciation of
Japan among University of Pittsburgh students, and the continuous display of unique
Japanese artifacts.

Key Annual Events 
Committee General Meetings (3), Bi-monthly Japanese artifact display change, Summer Study Abroad Scholarship, Annual Nationality Room Open House