Hungarian Room Committee

Committee History 

The Committee for the Hungarian Nationality Classroom was established to coordinate the development of the Hungarian Classroom in the Cathedral of Learning at the University of Pittsburgh. Its activities were formalized in 1928 although fundraising efforts were documented from 1926. Their work emanated from the Hungarian communities within Pittsburgh and around the U.S. gathering contributions from 57 churches and societies and 455 individuals. The chairman of the committee was Dr. Samuel Charles Gomory, a physician from McKeesport, Pa. He worked closely with Ruth Crawford Mitchell, director of the Nationality Rooms Program, who served as the University of Pittsburgh's representative. The two other substantive posts were held by George Zimmerman, treasurer, and Mrs. Joseph Urbán, secretary. The membership was divided among several smaller committees, such as advisory, entertainment, university, financial, supervisory, and publicity, and was well coordinated by other committee members. Later on, subcommittees were organized to assist with the group's social activities. Some of these activities included benefit concerts with performances by the Budapest University Chorus and the Hungarian violinist, Francis Arányi. The information on many events hosted by the committee was regularly published in Hungarian and American newspapers. 

The activities of the committee culminated in the dedication of the Hungarian Classroom on September 29, 1939.

For more information on the history of the room and committee, please visit: Guide to the Hungarian Nationality Room Committee Collection, 1926-1964 UA.40.11 | Documenting Pitt

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities 

Being a member of the Hungarian Room Committee brings you together with other individuals who share the same ethnic roots, Generation after generation remember their family customs/traditions and are proud to share with others their family stories, many are still hoping to find a link that connects them to their roots. By volunteering for the Hungarian Room Committee you are able to meet so many who have the same goal of sharing family history. We all realize it is a "small world after all".

Key Annual Events 
Skype and or Zoom committee meetings and November decorating room for the Holiday Open House in December. All committee members are urged to participate and support these activities through volunteering on site, contributing homemade baked goods and monetary donations. Awarding of scholarships to University of Pittsburgh students for summer study aboard.
Other Highlights 
The Hungarian Room committee are looking forward to members, new ideas, all for promoting our heritage through our scholarship program. One volunteer can make a difference, why not be that one volunteer.