Czechoslovak Room Committee

Committee History 

Donations for the Czechoslovak Nationality Room started to be received in 1925. A permanent Room Committee was formed in 1927. More donations came from local Pittsburgh events such as children's choir concerts, benefit Symphony Orchestra performances, and soloists performances, along with donations from a committee formed in Czechoslovakia as well as donations by US national societies. Of course there were small and large donations from individuals. The room was dedicated March 7, 1939 on the 89th anniversary of the birth of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, President-Liberator of Czechoslovakia.

The dedication was made by Thomas Masaryk's son Jan Masaryk who said "May I say-thank-you, that you have given this safe corner to the memory of the first President of Czechoslovakia, that the principles he lived for are safe in your gentle, firm hands. How proud I was to walk into this Cathedral of Learning, where I have seen rooms belonging to many nations and where I saw proud American children of parentage of these countries, imbibing in the firm unbiased truth of learning. I am going to pray to God tonight that Europe some day will be like that -- that we shall be men and women of this or that nationality or parentage or race or creed, but working together for the common good of ourselves and those who come after us." For more information on the history of the room and committee, please visit: Guide to the Czechoslovak Nationality Room Committee Collection, 1925-2013 UA.40.05 | Documenting Pitt

Membership Benefits and Responsibilities 

The Czechoslovak Room Committee is dedicated the preservation of the culture, customs and traditions of Czechs and Slovaks.

Key Annual Events 
In March, we celebrate the birthday of Thomas Garrigue Masaryk, the first President of Czechoslovakia, with a meeting on various subjects germane to Czechs and Sloavks; In October, we celebrate the anniversay of the founding of Czechoslovakia with a meeting that includes timely subjects.