Chinese Room Committee

Committee History 

On April 2, 1929, a group of Chinese students attending the University of Pittsburgh, went to see the Chancellor and asked him to reserve a room in the Commons Hall to be known as the “China Memorial Room.” The first chair was Dr. Chi Fang Lai a graduate student in chemistry.

Dr. C. C. Wu Chinese Ambassador to the United States at the time became interested in the project and appealed to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs that a gift be appropriated for the project and sent “in appreciation of what American education had meant to China.”

In November of 1929, Dr. Wu authorized the Committee to announce that the Ministry of the Chinese Government had appropriated $5000 for the design, furnishing, and erection of a China Memorial Room in the Cathedral of Learning.  The room was dedicated October 6, 1939 and holds the distinction of being the first Committee to complete funds for the construction of the room.

For more information on the history of the room and committee, please visit: Guide to the Chinese Nationality Room Committee Collection, 1929-1939 UA.40.04 | Documenting Pitt

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