Armenian Room Committee

Committee History 

The Armenian-American club was incorporated March 31, 1977 in the commonwealth of Pennsylvania, and its first objective was to build an Armenian Nationality Classroom at the University of Pittsburgh. A permanent committee of the club was established on April 1, 1978. The first chairman Dr. Viken Sassouni was instrumental in the initial planning, development of classroom themes, designs and fundraising.  In December of 1984, the current theme and design basis were selected. In February 1985, architectural drawings were initiated.  On August 31, 1986, design was completed, and construction was begun in the spring of 1987.  The room was dedicated August 28, 1988.

For more information on the history of the room and committee, please visit: Guide to the Armenian Nationality Room Committee Collection, 1975-2011 UA.40.20.04 | Documenting Pitt